Sammy Sosa's Rookie Cards

Sammy Sosa came into the league in 1989, at a time when the whole baseball card industry was going through a huge change. Gone were the days when kids couldn't wait to get their hands on the gum inside the baseball card packs or to put the cards in the spokes of their bikes. The era of better quality cards, special and limited edition sets and higher prices began around 1989-90 with the emergence of Upper Deck. Here are pictures of some of Sammy Sosa's rookie cards from 1989-90 in the popular brands that were available during that time.

Sammy Sosa Upper Deck Rookie Card Sammy Sosa Donruss Rookie Card Sammy Sosa Bowman Rookie Card
(Left to Right) Sammy Sosa's Upper Deck, Donruss and Bowman rookie cards

Sammy Sosa Fleer Rookie Card Sammy Sosa Topps Rookie Card Sammy Sosa Score Rookie Card
(Left to Right) Sammy Sosa's Fleer, Topps and Score rookie cards

Sammy Sosa Leaf Rookie Card Sammy Sosa Star Rookie Card Sammy Sosa Fleer Studio
(Left to Right) Sammy Sosa's Leaf and Star rookie cards and second year Fleer Studio (1991)

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